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Expeditions and Evidence Based Development Programmes

What's Emerging Works


What’s Emerging delivers bespoke educational and developmental experiences. We use expeditions and journeys for this as, only in these environments, can we rapidly develop an individual's adaptive toolbox. During these experiences we help  instil the intuition required to operate effectively and make excellent decisions in an uncertain world. The globe is our platform so we pick the ideal locations to achieve targeted results. 

We will unlock the talent and potential of any group and our processes develop mind, body and soul to improve vitality and endurance. 


We specialise in:

  • Elite Team Development – Our "TERRITORY" Programme upgrades consciousness and with it you gain the experiences to confront new challenges with creativity and insight
  • Anti- Fragility Training - in today’s world the fragile lose, the resilient stay the same and the anti-fragile get better. Those who learn from our World, full of shock and uncertainty, continually get better and win.
  • Mindset Development - understanding neuroplasticity and using that knowledge to continue learning and developing throughout life
  • Training in Grit and Resilience - we can tailor training to build grit and resilience. These proven techniques unlock talent
  • Success Strategies - structured ways to approach challenges evidenced to dramatically improve performance
  • Expeditions and expedition training - using expeditions we give individuals and teams the massive physical and cognitive stimuli that will build strengths to cope with challenges and emerge better equipped for life in the 21st century

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