Evidence Based Training



What's Emerging offers bespoke and exclusive learning experiences. Our programmes are based on the latest data and target the unlocking of talent. To make decisions in an uncertain world requires the confidence to ignore part of the information. The complexity that risk modelling has created is stifling growth and opportunity.  

Studies tell us that within 10 years half the work done by microprocessors will be devoted to machine learning and 50% of jobs in the West will be automated. This is a tremendous opportunity for those who have the imagination, creativity and are suitably entrepreneurial to amplify their talents. We help create cultures that can make better decisions, in a timely manner and embrace good errors. The traditional benchmarking of company boards, departments and teams is antiquated and un-scientific. 

Organisations need to appreciate these issues and develop "Elite Teams" who can think in ways that computers cannot. Only through taking unique individuals, increasing their neural connectivity and instilling a real understanding and belief in intuition can you find an edge against competitors. We can help marry electronic brains with human ones.

Evidenced Based Training – Schools 

Our schools programs helps the next generation develop Grit and Resilience. We use cutting-edge research to help develop the temperament and focus required to succeed in any endeavour; the same character traits create winners across academia, sport, the arts and life. By introducing success strategies early, students can structure all aspects of their lives. One of our favourite strategies has been shown to improve academic results by half a standard deviation. 

Our focus on mindset brings leading edge academic research day to day school environment. Our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) sessions can assist teaching staff as well as students.

We allow students to take risks, understand the process of risk taking and bounce back from failure. These skill sets have been shown to significantly improve mental health.